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When I was a kid, I spent hours in front of the TV. There were certain days I especially loved for various blocks of shows (like Thursday, Friday, or Saturday). I knew every popular show and avidly quoted from them. So when I broke a rule, a method my parents used to nudge me back toward obedience was to ground me from watching TV. Two weeks—no TV. I was practically climbing the walls at the end of those two weeks, determined never to disobey again. Ha ha. You know I eventually failed that vow.


In my undergraduate years, I met people who grew up without a voracious TV habit. I thought they were from Mars! How could you not watch TV???

Flash forward 150 years. I have a TV. But I turn it on maybe a couple of times a week—if that much. Scandal? Haven’t seen a minute of it. Game of Thrones? Nope. My increasingly limited viewing time goes to (drumroll please)


YouTube, Netflix, and other online sites.

youtube-logo netflix_web_logo

Thanks to the internet, I see shows that either are being tested on the audience—like the Vixen animated series at CW Seed (love it)—or programs like the ones produced by Pemberley Digital, Epic Robot TV, and others. Shows I can watch whenever I get ready. I’m particularly partial to modern adaptations of classic books. Like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Project Dashwood, The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy, Frankenstein, MD, and Emma Approved. Episodes range from three to seven minutes in length—great for days when I’m pressed for time, but still need a quick break now and then.


Vixen at CW Seed


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries


Project Dashwood


Emma Approved


The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy


Frankenstein, MD

This is not an attempt at proselytizing. These quirky shows might not be your cup of tea. And believe it or not I have nothing against the shows I mentioned in the first paragraph. But my commitments away from home usually mean that I miss regularly broadcast shows and either have to catch up online or binge through Netflix. I could DVR, sure. Or I could keeping doing what I’ve done in the past: forget to DVR. You see now why I usually skip the show altogether and instead go off to meet a friend at a nearby tea shop. Another alternate activity, one I choose more often, is reading a book. I love fertilizing my imagination through the written word.

That reminds me, Fauquetmichel, you just won yourself a copy of The Merchant of Nevra Coil by Charles Yallowitz. (Click here for last week’s book release announcement if you need more context.) Please comment below to confirm. Thanks for commenting!

  New Charles Author Photo 26246035

What about you? How have your entertainment choices changed over the years?

In case you’re wondering, a couple of shows tempt me toward TV this fall: Agents of Shield (one of two shows I watched last season) and Heroes Reborn. I also am very tempted to binge on The Flash through Netflix. We’ll see if I wind up doing that.

Vixen image from Pemberley Digital image, The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy, and cast of Emma Approved from pinterest. YouTube logo from Netflix logo from Daniel Vincent Gordh as Darcy and Ashley Clements as Lizzie of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries from Anna Lore of Frankenstein, MD from Television from

57 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. Well of course I’m always reading, that hasn’t changed since childhood. But I do vegetate in front of the box, too. The new series of Doctor Who is back in FOUR FREAKING DAYS !!!! Ahem, sorry about that. Got a little carried away there 🙂

  2. NCIS, Scorpion, and Blue Bloods are my current addictions. Back in the day, during college, my fav lineup was M.A.S.H., Mary Tyler Moore and Newhart!!!HA! and of course I’m old enough to have been loyal to the original SNL, too! 😉

  3. As far as series go, I enjoy Sherlock (BBC), Elementary, the Big Bang, and am looking forward to the last season of Downton Abbey.

    We also enjoy “educational” programs ~ cooking, history, travel, discovery, etc.

    • I get Sherlock through Netflix. I’d like to see Elementary. I watched the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory thanks to having the DVD sets. I really like the show. But I know how I get about committing every week.

    • Yes. I smile whenever I see the Cedar Cove commercial. I know you like that show. I had the last fifteen minutes on as I waited for a movie to begin. I had no idea what was going on!

  4. I don’t like committing to any weekly TV show for the same reasons as you, Marie. I usually end of missing episodes. I DVR cooking shows and watch them when I’m getting ready for work. But, I watch more Netflix than anything else. I’m guilty of binge watching “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards.” I usually watch something while I knit but reading trumps all! 🙂

    • Netflix is great for binge watching. Thanks to them, I watched Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and several other shows I missed when they first aired. Bless them for that! And I can indulge my foreign film habit. 🙂

  5. I don’t watch as much as I used to. Saturday morning cartoons are gone, so that little habit is long over. Part of my reason is that I’m always writing and my schedule, especially at night, is random. If I had too many distractions during the day then I try to use the night, which means no TV. It’s a priority switch for me. DVD sets are what keep me going though.

    • I hear you, Charles. Your writing schedule is amazing. And I love the DVD sets!
      My brothers and I used to watch the Saturday morning cartoons. Do they even have those any more? TV is all over the place nowadays. I noticed in the fall TV preview Entertainment Weekly sent out that some new animated series will be aired at night.

      • The current schedule has been obliterated actually. Too many holidays in this month where the kid is home and nobody is around to help me get work done. So today’s Teaser Tuesday might not happen since I literally can’t get the kid off my back for more than 5 minutes.

        I remember a year or two ago it was announced that Saturday morning cartoons had officially died. You have the all cartoon channels, but the type we grew up with is long gone. A bunch of the nightly animated series are obviously aimed at adults, but the quality is rather iffy at times. It’s like for every Archer, you have 10 sucky ones.

      • I wondered what was going on. I kept stopping by your blog but didn’t see it.

        I know what you mean! I wonder if the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series will be good.

      • I’m hoping to post it this afternoon, but we’ll see. There’s a blog tour post going up at noon, so I don’t want to step on it with something else.

        I’m getting scared of Marvel with all the changes in the comics. Newest one is that Mary Jane Watson will now be a supporting cast member for Iron Man and maybe even his new girlfriend. No idea who the female Starlord or how they’ll explain someone other than Bruce Banner being the Hulk. It feels like they aren’t for me any more because of the back-issues I read and the knowledge I stored is useless. Doesn’t help that the people in charge of Marvel said that they wanted to shed their ‘dinosaur readers’. That would be me.

      • What?!!!!! I guess it’s not for me either. I grew up with Marvel and DC comic books. While I can understand the need to make changes, it doesn’t make good business sense to alienate readers in favor of readers who might not stick with you.

      • None whatsoever. I wonder if they’re focused more on the movies. At least the ones that don’t involve the Fantastic Four (comic ended/team broken up), Xmen (no new mutants until FOX gives up rights), and Deadpool (safe thanks to the Internet).

      • I still haven’t seen F4. That will be a Redbox or Netflix if I watch it at all. But Marvel really shouldn’t rest on its laurels. Fans can turn on you just like that.

      • The sad part is that the trailer really hooked me. 😦 But reading about the behind-the-scenes stuff really made me wary. It’s on at the dollar theater near me.

  6. I hardly watch TV at all any more though I was an addict when I was younger. It’s on most of the time as background though – the news channel repeating what a terrible world we live in usually – haha! No wonder I’m a pessimist! Except for when the big tennis tournaments are on, of course, when I turn into a total couch potato for the whole two weeks. Well, got to keep an eye on Rafa’s outfits…

    • Well, I remember your saying you would disappear while the tournaments televised. 🙂 During football season, a lot of people disappear here, especially on the weekends.

      I was an addict too. But giving up TV for several years made me realize how little I needed it. There are so many good books to read!

  7. It lean toward PBS; love Sherlock and looking forward to this new season. I am a hopeless Downton Abby fan and most other period pieces, Masterpiece Theatre, Death in Paradise, Father Brown . . .
    I happen to like Blue Bloods as well. My viewing, other than news, is sporadic. I’ll check out your quirky shows. 🙂 It’s nice to explore shows that are different.

    • I still haven’t succumbed to Downton Abbey. One of these years I will. But not now. I watched the Poirot mysteries on Masterpiece Theatre. Some of the Miss Marple ones infuriated me, since they stuck her in stories she was not previously in!

  8. There are so many shows I’d like to watch but just don’t have time for. So I pick and choose, and if after a few episodes it doesn’t do it for me, I move onto something else. That’s not always easy to do. Like books, I sometimes think I need to see something I started through. And then I remember life is too short to do that. Think of all the good things we miss when sticking with the mediocre.

  9. I definitely used to be a TV addict until the Internet came along. Then most of my entertainment time was spent playing games or web surfing. Now, I try to spend most of my free time reading. It really does seem to make a world of difference with my writing..I seem a lot more engaged and most of the time, the words come easier.

  10. Thanks for your offer but you know I am French , the reading in English is not so easy and there is the distance .
    About TV I am less and less watching it accepted for some events, and rares movies or debates . I prefer to be active with a computer to create blogs or complete website . I have the impression to be active and make something . More, I like, via the blogging, to dialogue with people of all continents.
    Besides I have a defiance for the news at the TV , I have the feeling we are manipulated and oriented by the choice of the news that they want us to know !!
    In friendship

  11. So much to do, it seems like watching TV and films is almost a luxury! Like you meeting up with friends takes priority over TV.
    Love what you said,” I love fertilizing my imagination through the written word.”
    Films with their combination of visual and audio including great scenery and background music, stir me too in a different way- I ponder character motivation.

    • I love film for that reason too. Back in the day when I thought I’d be a screenwriter, I watched films for dialogue and pacing. Many movies today seem to emphasize the visuals more than the dialogue.

  12. As I type this, my kids are downstairs watching Rawhide instead of any current shows. 😛 Meeting a friend for tea is almost always better than a TV program. (The rare exceptions being when I can’t do social. 😉 )

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