Enduring Love

white wedding cakes2I don’t know about you, but I grow weary of turning on the news or logging on to my ISP and hearing about the latest celebrity breakup. But the news media seems to feast upon those.

Okay. I get it. Bad news is considered news worthy. But is yet another breakup among the thousands we’ve heard about really news worthy since celebrities often break up with other celebrities?

You don’t have to answer that. I wrote that to preface how greatly refreshed I was to receive the latest TED Talks email, which featured this talk: “This is what enduring love looks like.” The presenters, Stacey Baker and Alec Soth, use photographs to discuss how couples met and remained together. You can watch that video below if you have a spare ten minutes.

I love hearing the stories of how couples met. I never get enough of those. I enjoy looking at wedding photographs and other captured moments of family togetherness like vacation photos. You can call me weird if you like. I don’t mind. I love engagement stories and those promposals that keep popping up on YouTube. Wondering what a promposal is? Click here.


Okay, a promposal isn’t exactly a story of enduring love. And maybe some people go overboard yielding to the pressure of making a memorable promposal. But I love the sparkle in the eyes of the storytellers as they discuss how wonderful it was to be sought after and accepted.

A good story energizes me. The stories I most resonate with remind me that there are such things as love that endures, faith, hope, and redemption.

I’m not an ostrich by the way—trying to bury my head in the sand to hide from bad news. I’ve been through bad breakups. My family has weathered some awful storms. That’s why I gravitate toward stories of love that lasts. Because I already know what the alternative is like.

Heart Photo

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV

Wedding cake from weddingphotographye.blogspot. Promposal image from alyceparis.com. Heart photo by L. Marie.

63 thoughts on “Enduring Love

  1. What about novels? What is your favourite love story? Romantic fiction isn’t really my thing, (I know you are surprised!) but loves seeps into all genres.

    • Persuasion by Jane Austen is my favorite classic novel with romance. Love Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley, The Piper’s Son by Melina and Marchetta, Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt (young adult novels). There are many others that are favorites. They’re not strictly romances, but are novels with romance elements. As for middle grade, The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kaye is also a favorite.

  2. I don’t pay attention to the celebrity break-ups. Who can keep up? You know me, L. Marie, I love stories of faith, hope and redemption. Did you write this post after your Hallmark marathon this weekend? ha ha! xo

    • Ha, ha. It sort of fell in the middle of that. 🙂 And you’re right, Jill. It was a marathon! I looked at my email and noticed the talk. It was the only one that caught my attention. What I liked about the talk is that they didn’t sugarcoat the issues. Some of the couples went through serious problems.

  3. I’m at the point where ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ plays in my head. It’s hard to avoid the news too. You see it get plastered on Facebook, Internet news sites (many times ahead of really important events), and on the cover of magazines while getting groceries. That last one is odd because it always seems to happen before the break-up occurs. Makes me wonder if there’s a secret rule in Hollywood that once a tabloid says you’re breaking up, you have to go through a secret challenge and failing means you go through with it. Or there’s a mysterious organization that draws a couples’ name out of a hat every 3-6 months and the one that gets chosen has to go through the public break up.

    • I also hear that song. I find it interesting that when an anticipated movie is about to debut or at least the trailer has received a lot of publicity that we then hear of a celebrity marriage falling apart. As was the case recently. 😦 It’s not that I don’t sympathize. I do. But I’d like to hear some good news for a change.

      • Sadly, I agree. That’s why I have to wonder about the timing of certain announcements just as I wonder about alleged “leaks” of trailers. 😦

      • I’m not sure that has anything to do with it. A lot of those leaks aren’t even leaks and it’s the media that uses the term. I saw it happen a lot recently. The ‘leaked trailers’ were actually stuff released at Comic Con and some people taped them to put up on YouTube.

      • I thought the Suicide Squad trailer was great. It gave me chills. I felt better about Batman v. Superman when I saw the latest trailer. I’m surprised, though, that they haven’t released the Deadpool trailer.

      • The Deadpool trailer was shown at Comic Con. They’re supposed to be putting it out for the public in 2-3 weeks. Guessing DC moved quicker since more people managed to tape the showings.

      • DC has a lot of ground to make up if they want to have the same impact as Marvel. Of course, they should have started back in 2008 when Marvel did. . . .

      • That’s the odd thing. They really don’t. If they rush then things will be at the level of ‘Green Lantern’. People seem to forget that the Marvel movie success is fairly recent. Meanwhile, DC has had successful Superman and Batman movies in the past. Their mistake is not trying to use more of their characters outside of cartoons, but it was Marvel who created the Superhero Movie boom. So I think DC is doing things at the right pace and at the right time. Especially if Marvel begins cooling off, which could be the case.

      • I grew up as a DC fan and I’ve seen just about all of the animated DC movies. So I can’t help wanting them to succeed. However, I can’t help seeing them as scrambling in the wake of Marvel, especially with the talk of a Justice League movie. The interviews I’ve seen seem to confirm that they’re scrambling to cobble together a plan to put movies out in reaction to Marvel’s success. The fact is, they didn’t have much of a plan before, hence movies like Green Lantern. Nothing was really unified. Superman and Batman movies were their own little universes. Now they seem to have a plan. I’m glad Christopher Nolan at least is involved as a producer. And they’ve got David Goyer writing (though some people seem to find him controversial).

        I wish they would get Bruce Timm involved. Do you happen to know if he is? I know there is another animated series debuting. But I think James Tucker is running that.

      • I actually grew up mostly with Marvel, but Superman and Batman were always around to some extent. This makes me kind of neutral and just wanting good movies. Especially friggin’ Wonder Woman. In my personal opinion, no other female superhero should get a movie until she does. 🙂

        I always thought Green Lantern was their first attempt. They also had problems because Nolan’s Batman was based more in reality, so you couldn’t have the other heroes. They’d need to do a reboot or make him older. I’m not sure about Bruce Timm being involved. I don’t know much about the background stuff with the DC stuff. I heard that Static Shock might get a movie too and that’s about it.

      • When the whole Twilight movie/YA book to movie thing exploded, I wanted them to do Teen Titans. They have so many great characters! I’m still hoping for a TT movie. As for Wonder Woman, I liked the direct to video movie. But I thought they could have done more with the character. I hope a live action Wonder Woman gets a good script. But there are so many expectations riding on a WW movie. Should Steve Trevor be included? Is her back story okay or should it be rebooted? Will she seem strong enough to please everyone? I don’t envy DC in the development of a WW script. Still, I saw some great Justice League episodes where WW was the main hero. I know a good movie starring WW is possible.

        I would be interested in a Static Shock movie too–if it has a good script. 🙂

      • Teen Titans will be a tough one now. Cyborg is in Superman Vs Batman, so his a main JL member. No sign of Robin from what I can see, but he could show up. It would be interesting to see which line up they would choose as well as the version of Starfire they use (if she’s in it at all). I think Wonder Woman recently got a director, but I do think Steve Trevor would be a fun inclusion. Kind of flip the gender a bit if they really need to do a romance. Hey, Batman always has a romance plotline.

        All I know about Static is that the rumor is Jadeyn Smith is playing him.

      • What??? He’s not my first choice for the role. Honestly, I don’t know who I would cast. I can think of some people I follow on YouTube whom I would rather see in the role.

      • I don’t think he’s a lot of people’s first through tenth choice. There’s an actor in my head that I think would be good, but I can’t remember the name.

      • I’m trying to think of someone too, though I guess it’s a moot point. I do wish they wouldn’t always turn to known celebrities. I get the fact that some people are known world wide. But honestly, I didn’t really know Henry Cavill before Man of Steel. Maybe others knew him. That’s the kind of casting I like.

      • I think Affleck as Batman is the only big name that has grabbed a recent superhero. Wait, forgot about Will Smith in Suicide Squad. I think DC is doing it more than Marvel right now.

  4. Stories of couples who’ve been married for decades and remain the love of each others’ lives make even cynics like me smile. We all know marriage takes work. But it’s also full of joys, and being able to grow old with someone is truly a gift, one I try not to take for granted.

  5. My daughter just got a freelance job writing about celebrity breakups, which is the only reason I read about them. And at the VCFA residency this summer, Kekla Magoon spoke about Schadenfreude, but like you, she explored deeper questions of suffering and empathy.

  6. There’s a lot of stuff around celebrity that I don’t understand the media’s fascination with. I admit to reading some of the stories online but I’d rather hear how my neighbors met each other 35 years ago or listen to the stories from my boyfriend’s dad who just lost his wife of sixty four years.

  7. I pay no attention to celebrities 99% of the time . . . except to watch them in movies. They just don’t seem newsworthy to me.

    Love hearing about enduring love!

    • Good policy. I blame myself for feeling disappointed at celebrity breakups. As if their breakups were all that constituted life.

      Enduring love is awesome!!!

  8. Provocative post, L. Marie. It’s early morning here, or at least it was before I started watching the video, and a thought provoking way to start my day. Thank you.

    I was at a memorial this weekend for a long-time friend who recently passed away. It was one of those few services in which the officiant really knew the person he was eulogizing and who truly celebrated in words the life of that person. Milt was many things; a servant of God and a servant of mankind. He was always off on some adventure saving the planet, a prison ministry, winter camping, burning the prairie, and he was half of a great love story. He and Rosalie were married 60+ years, still held hands, even though she no longer recognized him, suffering the ravages of Alztheimer’s, he battling brain cancer, going for more treatments just so he could have one more day of holding her hands. His twenty something granddaughter read this same Biblical passage of Corinthians, perfectly. Beautifully. With much poise. She was born with Downs Syndrome. His youngest daughter, her children and husband sang Amazing Grace, a cappella, pitch perfect. We cried. We laughed. We sobbed as the priest talked about on some spiritual plane, Milt in his passing and Rosalie still in her long journey with her illness, were still holding hands.

    Oh dear, I’ve taken up too much El Space, and now need to wipe my eyes. Thank you for this post.

    • What a lovely tribute, Penny, to a man who was greatly beloved, obviously. My condolences for the loss of this friend. I’ve attended the funerals of people who had been married for a long, long time and were so loved within their communities. They never made the news. Yet they were news–good news.

  9. Oh Linda, what a great post! You are right to question why we care so much about celebrities that break up. Perhaps we want to believe that love will conquer all and that happily ever after is an attainable goal.

    That Ted Talk was awesome. There is nothing like watching elderly couples who are together and who still adore each other. The ones who hold on to each other, and don’t go anywhere without the other. It is fascinating to learn about what worked for them and how they knew that person was the one.

    I feel incredibly blessed to have the partner I have. Married for 25+ years and still in love. Maybe we will become one of those elderly couples. LOL. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

    • Maria, you and your husband are such an inspiration to me. I love that you laugh together and thoroughly enjoy each other. 🙂 Interestingly enough, the day after I posted, yet another celebrity couple broke up. 😦 I wish we celebrated couples who stay together more.

  10. I’m guilty of reading celebrity news and gossip to procrastinate and give my brain something empty to do. Ha. Having said that, I also don’t follow news because it’s so much negative noise. I’m a secret science geek. (I don’t have the patience to be a scientist, but I love following science stories.) Those mostly tend to be interesting rather than “good” or “bad.” I especially loved the recent photos of Pluto. I always tried to imagine that world when I was in third grade.

    • I enjoyed the Pluto stories too, Andra. I’m always pleased to know about secret science geeks. 🙂 I love documentaries, especially the ones featuring birds.

  11. Celebrity break ups always make me feel sad. I feel that way when any couple breaks up. There is so much love and hope for a wonderful life together when couples get married. I hate to see that slip away and fall apart. My parents have been happily married for 55 years. You rarely see that anymore, and it really is sad.

    • My parents and my brother’s in-laws and the parents of friends have all been married for ages. It hasn’t been easy. But you can bet that won’t be on the news. Marriages that last 23 days will be on the news.

  12. The media targets celebrity couples to spread rumors about, whether there’s an eminent break-up or not. A couple years ago, they were saying all over the place that Will and Jada Smith were planning to split. Jada was furious with it because she felt like they were being picked on. As far as I know, they’re still married.

    I’ll have to tell you my story one day. It’s a bit odd. One friend said I arranged my own marriage. 😛 But I’ve only been married 14 years and these days you have to make it to forty before you can say “looks like we’ll make it.” 😦 Thus far we’re still in one piece, though. 🙂

  13. There’s a reason Romantic Comedies do well at the theaters. Stories of true love, love lost and found, etc are evergreen stories. Hubby might call that Chick Lit, but I call that satisfying!

  14. I find it depressing that news always equates to bad news — whether it’s in the gossip/relationship/celebrity department or in the more serious news. Rather than tell us of celebrity breakups and bitch about celebrity beach bodies, I wish they’d give us inspiring stories of enduring love, as you say, or stories that celebrate people in some way (famous or otherwise).

    And likewise for the serious news — sometimes it would be good if the press could celebrate the human spirit and the great things we do rather than always focus on the doom and gloom and atrocities and terrible things we do. But of course, bad news sell so that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

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