Awwwww, So Cute

Several weeks ago, my niece told me about the following Animal Planet video, which features baby sloths at a sloth sanctuary. In the past I didn’t pay much attention to sloths (except as a crossword puzzle answer). Not that I have anything against them. But I proceeded to watch this video twice that day and at least once every few days since then.

A Japanese word for cuteness is kawaii. Hello Kitty is one of the poster children for kawaii.


Yes. I’m cute. But I still plan to rule the world.

Cute-Birds-5Why are so many of us content to watch videos with cute animals or babies? In an article, “Addicted to Cute?” columnist Eva Wiseman provides some insight:

In 2009 a scientific study came out proving that we undergo a chemical reaction when we look at babies. It proved that cuteness is physically addictive, which explains the billions of YouTube views for videos showing babies and baby animals.

Cute-Puppy-Kitten-1600x1200Interestingly enough, according to this article by Carrie Arnold for Scientific, many people feel more aggressive when they see cute babies or animals. For example, a person might express a desire to pinch a human baby or bite or squeeze baby animals. Think of how many times you’ve heard someone say of a baby, “I just wanted to grab his/her little cheek and squeeze.” Perhaps you have seen photos of babies online and can relate to that reaction. But Arnold explains further:

Cute aggression’s prevalence does not mean that people actually want to harm cuddly critters, Aragon [a Yale University psychologist] explains. Rather the response could be protective.

I can understand that desire to protect. After all, babies are small and vulnerable. And if an animal is sick or helpless (see sloths video), we feel especially protective. However, I wonder if some of these baby animals would trigger the same protective response:

baby-snake2  spidersbaby

baby-elephant 137007258.67xVUIce


Cuteness really is subjective, isn’t it?

Time for me to watch the baby sloths again. . . .

Have you seen that video before? Are there any other animal videos you have seen and love? What made you watch them?

Arnold, Carrie. “Cuteness Inspires Aggression.” Scientific American Global RSS. Nature America, Inc., 06 June 2013. Web. 05 July 2015.

Wiseman, Eva. “Addicted to Cute.” The Guardian News and Media Limited, 11 June 2011. Web. 05 July 2015.

Puppy and kitty from Lizard from Cute birds from Snake from Baby hippo from Baby elephant from Baby spiders from


46 thoughts on “Awwwww, So Cute

  1. The kind of animal videos I watch tend not to be cute-you know I like tracking sharks 🙂 I have, only a few days ago, seen a great video of a Great White attacking a cage with a few screaming people in. I’m going to post that soon 🙂

  2. I love cute animal videos, they make me happy. And being happy is what I want to be. I watch many cute animal videos and follow a kitten cam daily called TinyKittens in Canada. Those little birds break the squee monitor! I am going to watch the baby sloth video right now. Thanks for sharing!

    • I can see why people are so into them. I hope Angus will enjoy the sloth habitat.

      When my brother and his family lived in California, they would go to the turtle rescue places. They wound up taking some turtles home.

  3. The sloths really are quite cute. Thank you for sharing them.
    I don’t make a habit of watching cute animal videos, but, if one crosses my viewing path, I enjoy it, especially if it is about penguins, which good old Mr. Rogers first brought to my attention while in his neighborhood. What a fun post, L. Marie. 🙂

  4. So baby sloths are adorable!! And in their little swaddle too! I love how they go to each other and hug after they’re reunited.

    I think the baby elephant and hippo is cute. The baby spiders though…. *shudder* I think baby spiders are worse than adult spiders almost because there’s so many of them, ugh!

  5. Yes, Linda! I have seen the sloth video and it’s soooooo adorable. I like baby animals but my favorite are the human babies. The chubbier the better. Not only do I want to squeeze them but I often remark that I want to eat them up. How aggressive is that? Yikes! Better keep them babies away from me! 🙂

    • I love a chubby baby too, Maria. They look so sweet and content. They also look as if they were sleeping well, which is probably why they look so sweet and content.

      I need to watch the sloths again. 🙂

  6. One of my daughters is getting over a broken heart, and I lick my wounds when I get rejections. Know what we do to cheer up? Watch baby animal videos, animal videos, and baby videos. The AWW factor always does the trick.

    • I’m sorry about your daughter, Naomi. 😦 I also cheer up with animal videos. I need to watch the baby sloths again. I haven’t seen them in awhile.

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