A Birthday Gift for You

I woke up today to discover that Kitty and Jordie were missing.


This is Jordie and Kitty if you wonder who they are.

My first thought was to check my wallet for missing credit cards. Kitty is a supervillain after all, while Jordie is a bit impressionable. But they turned up eventually before I could alert the authorities. I was touched that they had enlisted the help of others to surprise me with this.

043 041

Awww. Makes me ashamed for having doubted their integrity.

Yes, it’s that time again. (Though by the time you read this, Monday would have rolled around, signaling an end to my birthday.) I enjoyed a number of good meals over the past week and weekend with friends and family. I have good leftovers in my refrigerator and fond memories.

Though it was my birthday, I want you to have a share in the loot. This is one of the gifts I received:


The coffee, rather than the crocheted car

The Caribou Coffee shops near me are now Peet’s Coffee shops. But Amazon and other stores still sell Caribou coffee.


Now let me tell you what I’m going to do. I will send to one commenter a 12-ounce bag of medium roast Caribou coffee and one of the above tiny crocheted cars. (I had to make a bunch of them for a child’s upcoming Hot Wheels-themed birthday party.)

021 Hot-Wheels-Yoda-Character-Car

The busy roadway and a Hot Wheels car I could not crochet

If you have a Keurig, um, sorry. I don’t have a Keurig. I’m giving away a gift like the one I received. Unfamiliar with Caribou? Don’t worry. Since I also received some Starbucks gift cards, I can have a bag of Starbucks ground coffee sent to you. Not a coffee drinker? I’m willing to send a box of Tazo or Harney & Sons tea—whatever Target sells—since that’s something I would supply for myself with a gift card.

Comment to let me know what you would prefer (Coffee? Tea? Nothing?) or what your favorite morning beverage happens to be. I’ll announce the winner on April 30.

Tazo tea from javaestate.com. Harney & Sons tea from luxebc.com. Peet’s logo from glutenfreeville.com.

34 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift for You

  1. What a great surprise. Someone put your assets to good use!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (A day late):

    Today you are you!
    That is truer than true!
    There is no one alive
    who is you-er than you!

    Shout loud . . . “I am lucky
    to be what I am!
    Thank goodness I’m not
    just a clam or a ham

    Or a dusty old jar of sour
    gooseberry jam!

    I am what I am!
    That’s a great thing to be!
    If I say so myself,

    ~ Dr. Seuss

    I’ve never tried Caribou but I like to live “on the edge.” 😛

    • Ha ha! Love that Dr. Seuss poem! (Though perhaps being a dusty old jar of sour gooseberry jam would have its charm.)
      I wonder if Caribou is more of a Midwest chain. I mentioned it to someone who lives in the Northeast and he gave me a “What on earth are you talking about?” look.

  2. Why am I doing this? It’s the coffee-holic dragging me to return to this post and comment! HA!
    Ahem, I am a coffee snob.
    On the off chance I ‘win’ I’d really prefer whole bean to ground and dark roast (of any sort) to medium….told ya I’m a java jasper (just made that one up, see, you’ve inspired a jot of creativity in this little caffeine fanatic’s brain!)

    Buon’ compleano, carina!

    • Grazie! The coffee would come from good old Amazon. I’m pretty sure they have whole bean and dark roast. 🙂 My coffee grinder is gathering dust in the cabinet.

  3. I wondered why I was thinking about you so much over the weekend. Happy Birthday, Linda!!! I’m glad you had a relaxing time, doing only what you wanted. I hope it included some deep dish pizza. I can’t think about pizza now without reaching out to you and Penny. xo

    • Thanks, Andra! I enjoyed that time with you and Penny. I didn’t have pizza. But I had great meals, one of which was P. F. Chang’s. Yummmmmmmmm! And yes, the day was relaxing, except for a meeting I had to attend. 🙂

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