Happy Spring—My 300th Post

You have to laugh at weather in the Midwest, otherwise you’d cry. A lot. I mean, look at this—a bouquet of snowflakes arriving just in time for spring.


Ooo. Ahhh. That brisk spring breeze. Watch as I celebrate burgeoning spring by shoveling snow and brushing it off my car. Cheer as I tiptoe daintily along the snow-covered path to get the mail. Strap in as I navigate the slippery, snow-covered streets. (Uh, can you tell I’ve been watching too many Honest Trailers?)

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So spring is on a slight delay here. I don’t do well with delays. But even with the snow, I’m reminded of the new life inherent with spring. Trees bud. Birds mate. Easter beckons.

We make plans, don’t we, as we contemplate warmer weather and being seen without heavy winter clothes or visited by people who have been cooped up inside all winter. You know what that means. House painting. Spring cleaning. Shedding winter pounds. (Which I was informed I need to do, since my cholesterol and blood pressure are both high—facts I learned after waiting over an hour to have a five-minute conversation with a medical practitioner.)


Spring also means tackling other projects that could lead to a changed life. You know what those are. Finishing novels, poems, graphic novels, or screenplays. Getting queries out. Waiting for someone to respond to those queries. Eating ice cream. (Wait. How did that one get there?)

What is it about spring that makes us long for change? Perhaps because it is the first full season of the year (winter doesn’t count, since it carried over from last year) and we’re ready to begin anew. We have a clean slate.

Spring is the time to make life glorious. How are you planning to change your life this spring? If you can’t think of a plan, here are some suggestions off the top of my head:



When you can’t find a flower, make your own, then give it to someone who needs it more.


Be a wildlife champion. Look what someone left by the dumpster for the birds, the coyote who occasionally visits, and the stray cats roaming about (who might have met the coyote).

Happy spring! Thanks for helping to make this blog one for which I wanted to write 300 posts. 😀

Bathroom scale from deals.plethoraa.com.


40 thoughts on “Happy Spring—My 300th Post

  1. Congrats on your 300 ‘This IS Sparta!’ post.
    I love the spring and have been waking up, waiting for its arrival for over a month now! (how impatient am I?) I don’t worry too much about the outwards signs, such as shoots and blossoms, they’ll come soon enough. I count the seconds of daylight we gain. Those seconds turn to minutes and into… action!
    Throw off those heavy winter blankets, it’s time to get busy.
    The future is already here.

  2. Congrats on the 300. We got snow on the first day of spring here, which was ridiculous. Some of it’s still around too. I think the change in spring comes mostly from winter being such an inert time of year. Nothing really grows, we get stuck inside a lot, and can’t even open windows unless we want to freeze. Spring has a sense of freedom and a return to doing stuff. So we end up thinking of all the things we want to do and then changes start appearing in our mind. That winter weight one is a killer.

    • Thanks, Professor. I should declare war on snow like you said. I’ll go out and kick the snow in a few minutes.
      Yes, the Honest Trailers are very hilarious.

  3. Congratulations on 300 posts, L. Marie! That is quite an accomplishment. I’m sorry spring hasn’t sprung in your area. Unfortunately, it has sprung here in Charlotte and now they’re saying we’re going to have a hard freeze Saturday night. My poor blooms. 😦

    • Thanks, Jill. Oh no! Do you have tulips? We barely see tulips here. They’re usually the first casualties of what I think of as Wing–that hybrid Winter/Spring weather. I hope the weather is better than predicted.

  4. Happy 300th post, L. Marie! Sorry the weather isn’t being festive except in a Christmasy, didn’t-we-already-do-that sort of way. Hang in there … winter/spring can’t last much longer, can it?

  5. I’m not sure I’ll be changing my life this spring, but, I know I am going to enjoy it. Spring is such a hopeful season, especially here in the Midwest. Even a bouquet of snowflakes won’t deter me. 🙂 I”m seeing the yellow buds of the daffodils poking through, just waiting to sing with glee.
    Congratulations on 300 postings. Here’s to 300+more.

  6. 300! Woohoo! Where does the time go? I just posted this morning and saw I passed 300 some time back… it was like a blur. Glad you’re still among the bloggerites here. Lots of folks have dropped off so it’s nice to see familiar faces (words?) still going at it. I’m also happy to see you’re enjoying your white Spring!

    • Thank you, Phillip. Glad I met you through the blogosphere. Sometimes I’m tempted to drop off too. But then I think about how much I would miss posting and meeting everyone else. 🙂

  7. Wow! I’m impressed. Congrats on your 300 posts. I love this hopeful post. And isn’t that what spring is all about: hope? All those buds and sprigs, promises of good things to come.

    I don’t plan on taking over the world, and I don’t make my own flowers, but I have been taking quite a few pictures of flowers. This coming Sunday my blog post is devoted to daffodil fields and tulip gardens.

  8. Ice cream is always in there. I ate a whole pint all by myself just the other day. 😀

    Hmmm. plans. I’m a planner by nature, so I always have those. It’s making them happen that’s the trick. 🙂

  9. 300! 300? 3-freaking-hundred!?!?! What an accomplishment, Linda! And I LOVE Honest Trailers. Almost as much as I loved your ode to a snow-filled spring. Thank you for continuing to sprinkle my days – throughout the year — with smiles. 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m as surprised as you that I reached that number. 🙂 Glad to supply smiles.
      I probably need to stop watching Honest Trailers. I’m starting to talk that way. 😀

  10. Congratulations on 300 posts, Linda! That is impressive! I can certainly relate to the delayed spring; here in NY we just had 5 inches of snow. And, yes, I changed my life in a big way this spring, moving from Albany to the big city and selling my house and most of my stuff.

  11. Congrats on your 300th post. One of these days, I’d like to learn how to make a crochet flower–so pretty. In hope that Spring is on its way, I am in the middle of spring cleaning my office.

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