Making Friends with Winter

017After waking up to witness the aftermath of an overnight snowfall (above), I groaned, totally not in the mood for snow. We’d dodged the snow bullet at Christmas, though everyone I know was disappointed, having desired to frolic in the snow.


Sometimes Winter seems to loom large . . .

Usually when snow falls, my mind dwells on the state of the roads. You get that way when you have dodgy tires and lack the money to replace them. So, I muttered to myself as I brushed the snow off my car windows: “Why couldn’t the snow fall when I didn’t have somewhere to go (i.e., at 3 or 4 a.m.)? If only winter could be more subdued.”


Jordie tries to subdue Winter. I suspect that his plan is doomed to failure.

As I brushed the snow and scraped the ice off my windshield, I quickly grew tired of my bad attitude. Grumbling didn’t solve anything. I needed to embrace the season since, like it or not, it’s here to stay. But my mind required “winterizing” just like my car. For the car, I usually make sure the fluid levels are on par (particularly antifreeze and water in the radiator). To get myself in the winter mood, I need a constant supply of fluids too, namely, hot beverages like coffee, cocoa, tea, and apple cider.


Jordie attempts to make friends with Winter.

One thing that helped my mood today, besides a warm cup of coffee, was the gladsome sight of freshly plowed roads. And the trees along the roads were beautifully laced with snow. I can’t imagine a wedding dress more beautiful than those snow-laden trees. That’s one of the perks of living in an area where winter makes its presence felt through snow and ice and iron-gray skies.


These are not the trees I saw, but they have a snow-laced appearance, albeit with less snow than the ones I saw.

The Frozen-themed birthday party I attended on Saturday in honor of a newly minted three-year-old seems all the more appropriate now with snow on the ground. Alas, I don’t have an ice-blue gown as beautiful as Elsa’s. I’m forced to make do with a fun winter hat.

Frozen-Disney-Poster-Elsa   003

This is not my hat. I made it for a little boy. But you can bet I’ll soon make myself a puppy hat.

Some cool good things have happened in this winter season—another reason to be joyful, rather than annoyed. I had a great Christmas and celebrated New Year’s day—my nephew’s birthday—with my family. And two days before the new year, some dear friends celebrated the birth of their second son. Oddly enough, he was born on the same day as the son of some other dear friends. In a season where life seems dormant or brittle, it’s great to hold a brand-new life in your arms. But I digress. . . .

Another way I can winterize my mind, besides having fun building a snowman or sledding (excellent choices), is to reread stories set in winter: The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien, Sabriel by Garth Nix, The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis just to name a few. I love curling up under a warm blanket while reading a book featuring a frozen landscape with snow I don’t have to shovel. And I have all of these on my bookshelf.

210329  Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

34  518848

Happy New Year! And welcome to Winter 2015!

What’s your favorite way to winterize?

Central Park trees from Elsa film poster from

48 thoughts on “Making Friends with Winter

  1. Happy New Year Linda. You remember how much I lamented the fact that last winter we got no snow? Well this winter-WE ARE STILL WAITING!!!!!!!

    • I wondered if snow fell in your area. Sigh. I’m sorry. Are you kids disappointed? There’s plenty here to go around! I’d love to share it with your family if I could!

  2. LOVED this post — especially the photos. I had a little trouble with acceptance yesterday — though not regarding snow. Still none of that near Philadelphia. Perhaps tomorrow… At any rate, like you, I realized the futility of railing against those things that I cannot change. And I feel peace today.

    • Thank you Wow. No snow! And we’re due for more this evening! But you guys have had your share of snow.
      I’ve got a blanket on my feet. And I just polished my nails a sparkly turquoise. So I’m feeling very winterized. 😀

  3. Happy New Year. We’re rumored to be getting snow tomorrow. So I want to put my winterization in place tonight: hibernation. Might be why I was dreaming about angry bears roaming the neighborhood and I couldn’t find an unlocked door to hide behind. At least that’s the message I’m taking from it.

  4. We had about as close to snow as we may ever get in the panhandle of Florida last year – ice was our substitute. 😉 Yes, warm beverages and lovely books help take the edge off!

    • Wow. I’d rather have snow than icy roads. Black ice is the worst!
      I’m looking forward to my tea and reading session later on tonight! After I go check on the car of course.

  5. Happy new year to you too! I love the snow. Here in Holland we just had one day of snow right after Christmas.. Oh and did Jordie become friends with winter haha! Have a great day!

    • Wow. One day of snow. I could go for that. More snow is expected tonight. And with the cold temperatures, we’ll have many days of snow. I’d better get some fuel additive for the car!

  6. Happy New Year, L. Marie! I’m happy you had a nice holiday with your family. Snow! Ugh…it’s too soon for that! One of my favorite ways to get winterized is drinking that delicious chocolate tea you sent to me. Yum!

  7. After realizing I was a dismal failure at winterizing . . . I gave up and moved to Florida. 😎

    Loved your images, especially: “Jordie tries to subdue Winter. I suspect that his plan is doomed to failure.”

    • Thank you, Nancy.
      I know a number of people who also moved to Florida or Tennessee. They’re quite happy, though some return at Christmas, wishing for just a bit of snow. 🙂 Alas, they were disappointed this time!

  8. After traveling part of December to visit winter, we struck out. No snow anywhere. It’s twisted that I’m excited to have a cold snap in SC tomorrow. Wearing summer clothes all year wears on me. But, like you, I know I’d get tired of living with winter for months. I’ve never lived in that sort of climate, and the adjustments would likely floor me. I’ve always taken for granted I can just walk out my door, crank my car and drive. Shoveling and heating engines and scraping?? My God, I’d die.

    • It seems cold everywhere! But now we’re getting below zero weather. So I have to go out and start the car to make sure it will continue to start. Good times!
      My parents grew tired of the climate and moved south. They’re much happier, though they told me how cold the temperature is.
      More snow is expected here tonight! The gift that keeps on giving.

  9. Happy New Year, Linda! No snow for us here, but there is some in the mountains not too far away. Can’t wait to take Angus up for his first snow experience. It has been cold considering average So. Cal. temperatures though (around the 40s in the mornings), so we’ve been enjoying the fireplace and looking forward to a cup of warm apple cider!

    • I remember going to Disneyland several years ago when the temperature was 50 degrees. I saw a number of women in fur jackets. My brother and I grinned at each other. I had a sweater on and received quite a few, “What on earth are you doing? Don’t you know it’s cold?” looks that made me giggle. But the temperature dropped to 35 that night!

  10. Happy New Year, Linda! Yeah, I did not greet the snow happily either. I helped a friend move in the snowy slush on Saturday and then just stayed in yesterday. The super-cold this morning was a not-so-pleasant surprise as well. But you and Jordie have the right idea about befriending winter–though I’ve gotta say, I really love the picture of him trying to subdue it. 🙂 The snow on the trees is really lovely. That’s always something to appreciate.

    • Aw, thank you.
      Wow. Winter moves are horrible!
      It’s soooooooo cold! I can see why animals hibernate. I’m so tempted to do that! I keep thinking about my electric blanket and longing for it.

  11. Bless you for your attitude. Winter and I shall never be friends. Mutually appreciative and respectful neighbors, perhaps. After all, he kills all the mosquitoes, wasps, and other unpleasant bugs for me. For my part, I try to minimize my carbon footprint. *shrugs* As long as he stays outside, I guess we’re okay. Might be a different matter if he ever tried to settle in my house.

  12. I admire your efforts 🙂 I profess to hate the stuff but you can’t deny its magical quality- until you have to shovel it or slither off to food shop in it. Happy 2015 to you!

  13. You can never go wring with Narnia. 🙂

    We just had our first big snowfall of the year after New Year’s. I’m slowly getting used to it. Not planning to leave the cave… er, basement much in the next month or so. I plan to ignore winter as much as possible and drink an ocean of hot tea.

      • No move. No word on a move, and I’ve heard we may not know anything until April. We are moving, probably in the summer. That’s all we know.

        Looking on the bright side, at least I won’t have to deal with a book release AND getting a mortgage at the same time, right? 😀

        I’m really hoping that if we have to buy a house, the silver lining will be that I can look for something with an office. Much as I love working near the litter boxes, I’m about ready for my own space!

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