Let’s Get Gluttonous

If you have Olivia Newton-John’s song, “Physical,” going through your mind (“let’s get physical, physical”), you’re already blaming me. But neither of us can do anything about that now, so let’s move on.


I still hear muttering from your direction, however: “Let’s get gluttonous? Come on! We already did that at Thanksgiving.” Bear with me. Now that the turkey is behind us and/or in front of us if we’ve gained a few pounds from the awesome force of our knife and fork wielding, we can get down to business. I suppose I should speak for myself, rather than for you. This Thanksgiving I ate too much and wrote too little. Can you blame me with two turkeys and two hams on the table, plus countless side dishes? And there were desserts so delectable, my thought was, Why stop at just one? So I didn’t.


We had good times together, didn’t we, ma petite fourchette?

But now that I’ve returned home, my thoughts turn from my waistline to my wasted writing time. Unlike me, some of you conquered NaNoWriMo in November. Well done, you! Here’s your pat on the back.


Now that December has rolled around, you’re probably ready to take it a little easier—perhaps coast till Christmas as you revise what you just wrote. But now’s the time for me to make up for lost time. You can still join my new campaign. In December, let’s get gluttonous—writing with abandon to create a feast with words.

Consider it: descriptive passages so succulent, a reader’s mouth waters for more. Those are within your reach—as close as that cranberry sauce was to your fork last week. Just wield these ingredients: a dash of sensory details and a pinch of action verbs with knife-edge precision to sharpen the camera’s eye-effect of your story. And while you’re at it, chisel characters so amazingly life-like, they’re miniature Davids carved from the marble of your imagination. Go to it, Michelangelo!

   michelangelo_david_head writing-with-a-pen 

Don’t run away screaming! This cheerleading session is mainly a reminder to myself to go big in December and expand the territory of my writing. If I give my writing as much attention as I gave to expanding my waistline at Thanksgiving, I will soon be at least 20 pages to the good. Will you join me?

Where do you go for inspiration as you buckle down to write? A multitude of sources usually provide inspiration for me. One is this:


Fork from spell.psychology.wustl.edu. Person with a pen from wisegeek.org. Olivia Newton-John from jamesreadtan.com. David from caravaggista.com. Pat on the back gif from community.us.playstation.com.

35 thoughts on “Let’s Get Gluttonous

  1. I’m feeling like this month is the end of a year long marathon. November has been a real energy drain and the last two weeks of December will be all family time. So I’m just pushing myself to get my next book ready for release while clearing up a lot of things before 2015. Not even sure I can say I’m inspired, but more determined to get things done.

  2. Yeah! Let’s do it! I started NaNo strong and then coasted on the self-satisfaction of completing a draft. You read my mind with this post. I want to spend December revising this draft. I’m on board! Also, I was just remembering how fantastic your sensory details are in your novels, so this post is especially timely. xoxo

  3. Hi L. Marie! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ve started off the month on a positive note, I mailed a short story to a magazine this morning.

  4. I just finished draft 3.5 of my WiP (don’t ask) and am taking a few days off before I dig back in. Still have a few kinks to work out in part 2, smooth it out, and make it feel more real. I want to write, but I am sick of seeing those words, so I’m skipping a few days.

  5. November was a cluster……oh, wait, this is a family-friendly site……….

    I’m glad November is over, though the twenty-thousand tacos I ate in the past week will take at least a year of months to expunge………..

    • I owe you a letter too. I’m behind on everything. And you know what’s weird? Now that I don’t have your book to read my bedtimes aren’t as fun. I never knew you could go through book withdrawal. . . .

      • And here I am, going through the “I don’t want to make the final edits” procrastination phase with the thing…….I needed this comment. Thank you.

  6. I love the pep talk–and the comment to the fork. I’ve spent the last few weeks rewriting, editing, polishing, and formatting. So Thanksgiving was a welcome break. But I need to spring back into action in December. Maybe not so much writing scenes as planning and roughing out an outline. Or maybe I’ll work on poems or try drafting a short story or something–change it up to get the juices flowing again. 🙂

    • Thanks, Stephanie!
      I also need to write more poetry. I’m thinking about writing a novel-in-verse. Dana inspired me. I’m really, really rusty at poetry though.

      • I took a poetry writing workshop this past summer–and it was wonderful. I wrote some things I really like, and I loved the process of writing them. But I can’t imagine myself writing an entire novel in verse. I’m in awe of people like Dana who can do that. Go for it!

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  8. Bahahahaha. I wonder if we could get Weird Al to do Let’s Get Gluttonous for us. Hmm…

    I didn’t make the 50K last month. Partially due to wrist-issues, partially because it’s just a lousy month for me to be tackling a project. I’ll get to editing my heart out pretty soon here, though. 🙂

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