A Patch of Blue

All morning I’d been gloomy over the gray, gray skies and a dearth of ideas for my novel. Having felt about as creative as a spoon, I went for a drive—a usual head clearer for me. As I headed home, however, my spirits lifted at the sight of a patch of blue in the gray sky, a patch like the blue lining of a gray pouch.


Though “the blues” is a euphemism for depression, the color blue “is a practical, happy color for many,” according to an article, “What Your Car Color Says About You.” Look for that here. In another article, one at the Huffington Post website (from 2012—I couldn’t find a more current one), blue is a favorite house paint color for many in America.

    something-blue-rsvp-shoes-on-black-bridal-bliss Blue_Button_Mix

My favorite color is red, but I also love blue. The house paint article mentioned the “serenity” of the color blue. I can understand the feeling. You can too, right? Many of us would gladly loll on the beach, gazing at cool blue water. Watching the waves gently lapping the shore makes me feel peaceful. And I usually cheer up immensely when I see a blue sky after days of rain, rain, rain let loose from an iron gray sky.

    Blue-water-blue-22687419-2048-1365 blue sky

There are sooooo many beautiful shades of blue.


Here’s one of my favorite blue items (the TARDIS from Doctor Who in case you’re wondering):


And this one:


Seeing that patch of blue in the sky during my drive reminds me that gray won’t always be the prevailing color. There is the hope of change.

Random daisy photo (another reminder of hope):


Blue shoes from blackbridalbliss.com. Buttons from galleryhip.com. Blue water from fanpop.com. Pantone blue shades from genx10.com. Blue sky from iloveeasthampton.blogspot.com.

27 thoughts on “A Patch of Blue

  1. I have a few favorite colors. I love green, it reminds me of spring and new beginnings. I also love blue, especially when our sky is Carolina Blue. Funny, I read the article on what your car color says about you and it was spot on for me…my car is gray.

    • Ha ha! I know what you mean. There are so many beautiful colors. If you saw my wardrobe, you’d think that blue or green was my favorite color, rather than red. 🙂
      I don’t think you have to have a favorite! Go with what you like in any shade!

  2. Red is my favorite color, too. 🙂

    But I’d take shoes in any color. Really. Just come to my house and see.

    It’s natural to feel stuck, given where you are right now. I’ve got everything crossed that someone will realize what they’re holding when they see it.

    • I hear you, Andra! I think we’re entitled to shoes in as many shades as we can get them. How else can we match a purple top or a mauve skirt?
      Thank you! I appreciate that! 😀

  3. I voted for blue, but since I love so many colors, I wonder if my choice was influenced by your evocative post.

    My daughter has spent a long time deciding which car she wants to buy. The Volvo she likes is supposed to come in a medium metallic blue. Now they tell her it won’t be available for months. She’s sooo disappointed.

    Here in the Seattle area we get more than our share of gray skies, so I really appreciate a blue sky.

  4. My choice of blue may have been influenced by your post too. I’m drawn to different colors at different times, but I’m naturally attracted to blue stones anytime I look at jewelry. Sky blue, water blue. I love the daisy at the end of the post too. And I gotta say, I think the phrase “about as creative as a spoon” is pretty creative. 🙂

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