My Cheating Heart

What a week! Here is the lineup: a curriculum deadline yesterday (two grades, which meant the Labor Day holiday was actually a day of labor for me); samples for two other projects also due yesterday and today; a friend’s arrival from Santa Ana, California, which resulted in breakfast and dinner out; and sundry appointments. Oh, and I’m also crocheting kittens for an upcoming baby shower. (We already know a girl is expected, hence the pink ears.)


Yes, the kittens have large heads. That’s part of the pattern. And yes, I am reading Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens.

This week, I have felt like the proverbial rolling stone. Consequently, I’ve been away from the blog and other blogs for some days. Sorry about that, faithful followers and bloggers. I’ve barely had time to breathe, though I ingested a number of cookies. Each night this week I would fall into bed, still thinking of curriculum activities. Alas, I fell asleep even as I mulled them over.

Ever have a week like that? Amazingly, the more I’ve had to do, the more I was able to get done. Inertia didn’t have a chance with me this week—well, at least in the above areas. I can’t say that’s true of all areas in my life, though.


I just wish I had had more time for my fiction writing. This week was all about producing curriculum. I have not written even one sentence of dialogue or description in several days. I feel like I’m cheating on my story by hanging out with nonfiction so much this week. Perhaps I should shout, “Unclean! Unclean!” as I walk down the street, because I’ve neglected my story. I miss it though. It’s been at the back of my mind, waiting to greet me like a faithful pup greets its master at the door. And brute that I am, I turn away each time, focusing my mind on something else. So, the little bit of story momentum I’d had awhile ago has slowed to a crawl. You might say inertia has hit there.

Oh, story! Forgive me for neglecting you! I wish I could say I’ll see you later on today, but I’ve got another full day of activities. But I’ll be thinking of you and a new chapter I need to add to you.

Interestingly enough, as I thought about this post, I happened to glance at a page in the October 2014 issue of American Girl magazine. It’s as if the writer knew what I’d been up to this week—flirting with nonfiction projects, cheater that I am. (And by nonfiction, I’m including the kittens project, since crocheting is clearly not fiction writing.) Alas, I cannot change my cheating ways, at least not until the new project and the kittens are done. But when they are, story, it will be me and you again.

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Inertia Man from


26 thoughts on “My Cheating Heart

  1. My Kindle’s name is Chuzzle Witt, since I wanted something literary, but which also related to my name. I haven’t actually read the book, though. :p

    I’ve found that my weekends tend to be a bit like this; I say “This weekend is going to be an awesome writing weekend! Write all the words!… but clean the house first.” Then I get procrastinate-y about the cleaning, and next thing I know, it’s Sunday night and I’ve done barely any work. I think I need to start doing an hour of writing on Saturday morning before starting on the chores.

    • Sounds like a typical weekend for me, Emily! I have great intentions sometimes. I’m trying not to get my expectations too high for tomorrow. But I would like to return in some way to the story.

  2. Love the kitten, L! Perfect for a baby shower. 🙂
    I’m the same way, the more I have to do, the more I accomplish. When I have a block of time on the weekend with every intention to write, I’ll end up doing every other household chore I can think of…I think that’s more of an ADD issue. 🙂
    Hopefully this weekend you’ll be able to spend some time relaxing and getting back to your fiction writing.

  3. Linda, you are so, so funny! Thank you for this chuckle early in the morning. I confess that I don’t get the “Unclean, unclean!” reference. The Scarlet Letter?? Your fiction will forgive you and I believe that your mind is cooking up dialogue and scenes on the back burner while you crochet and dream up activities for your other projects. Happy Friday, my friend!

    • Lepers had to shout, “Unclean! Unclean!” whenever they approached people, since it was a contagious disease that would render you ceremonially unclean.
      Happy Friday to you!

  4. Must be that time of year because I’ve been in a similar boat. I’m guessing it has to do with school starting, more people being around instead of on vacation, and things no longer feeling like summer. Still hoping to build some momentum, but I doubt that will happen on a Friday.

  5. I have it on bad authority (mine) that cookies are a suitable replacement for oxygen.

    I’ve recently taken on a cause (that not-surpisingly, only requires me to talk and not spend money), and it has something do do with gender roles and society. I admit that I haven’t done much to define my cause yet. I’m quite lazy in my social consciousness. Anyway, I don’t think you need to justify the pink ears on the kitty. Boys can have pink-eared kitties too!

    Good luck on your story. My guilt over abandoning mine for so long is how I ended up deadlining myself in public.

      • Thanks! It wasn’t that story, though. That was one of my lost children that never became anything. The story I’m talking about now is my novel-in-progress, which I hope does not turn into a lost child.

  6. That’s so funny! It does feel like cheating though, doesn’t it? At any rate, there’s all this guilt there. But you’re thinking about it. You’re not really being all that unfaithful! 😉 Seriously, I think a lot of processing actually happens while we’re doing other things.

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