Have a Nice Day, Somebody

The day started off in a not-so-great fashion. I needed to say that right off the bat so you’ll understand. But as I headed to the mailbox at my apartment building (trudged is probably a better word), I discovered a random act of neighborliness:


Someone had gone out of his or her way to leave a little bit of beauty outside the main door. Just seeing that made my day. I couldn’t help thinking, Awwwwwww.

In a day when many of us increasingly feel distant from neighbors due to the transient lives some of us lead, it’s nice to know that people sometimes make an effort to reach out, even in gentle ways, without expecting anything in return.

Speaking of having a nice day, I’m glad to do the neighborly thing by giving away two copies of Bound, a fantasy novel by the delightful Kate Sparkes (see interview here).

   sparkes_profile bound_promo

The winners, thanks to the random number generator are

Andy of City Jackdaw and Professor VJ Duke!!!!

I can’t argue with the random number generator. It chooses whom it will! Winners, please comment below to confirm. You can also email me at lwashin301(at)comcast(dot)net. Please make a note of the change in email address from my usual blog address. When you email me, please provide the email address you use with Amazon.

Getting back to random acts of neighborliness, back when I wrote textbooks full time, the designer on my team told me that she made a habit of purposely dropping change on the ground. (Not all of the time—just occasionally. And no, I won’t tell you where she lives.) When I questioned her about that (and no, I wasn’t trying to find out when she planned to drop some change), she said she did it to give a kid the thrill of discovering money on the ground. This was another Awwwwww moment for me. Recalling how much fun it was for me to find money on the ground back when I was a kid, I was touched by her desire to make some kid’s day.

We have the power within us to make or break someone’s day. Which will you choose? How has someone made your day with a random act of neighborliness?

34 thoughts on “Have a Nice Day, Somebody

  1. At the residential hall where I lived while I was at unit we used to have Random Acts of Kindness Week, and each person who signed up would get assigned another person for whom we had to do nice things for A week. At The end of the week, they put up a cist and you found out who your RAOKer had been. It was all sorts of warm fuzziness. (One of my friends objected to it because it was clearly not “random” when there was an assigned week and person, and at one point did some things she called “‘Real’ Random Acts of Kindness” and I was there thinking, “I think you may have missed the point, but okay.”)

    • Okay, so she could take out the random and just perform Acts of Kindness. Works fine for me. When these kinds of projects are arranged, names are assigned because, sadly, some of us just fall through the cracks and we would be the ones who would never be chosen if not assigned. Happened most of my life (sometimes even when I was assigned. My daughter calls it spontaneous invisibility syndrome. The whole family suffers from it.)

  2. Beautiful flowers! Last weekend someone had prepaid $15 on the gas pump. I had to look around because I thought I was being recorded. 🙂 I’m convinced it was a random act of kindness. Someone prepaid $50 to the attendant, but only pumped $35. It was a nice surprise. 🙂

  3. Man, I LOVE that ‘dropping change’ idea. I’ll have to remember that one…. I’m happy to hear a bad day was turned around (at least a little) by those wonderful flowers. Hope your day is going better today, Linda. 🙂

    • I agree that it doesn’t take much. It certainly doesn’t for me. Today just a “can you come to my house today?” from a four-year-old made my day.

  4. My next door neighbor has done so many random acts of kindness for me… she repotted a plant of mine that overgrew it’s pot, she’s put my garbage bin away after the trash came… I really need to return the favor and find something I can do for her.

  5. The dropping change thing is so lovely – because it’s true, there’s something about finding change on the street that just brings a smile, doesn’t it!

    This makes me think I should come up with ways to do my own random acts of kindness….

  6. Random acts of kindness and beauty–ahh! And to the winners, you are in for a treat. I finished Bound last night–after it kept me up far too late the night before. Thanks, Kate! And thanks, L. Marie, for introducing me to her and her work.

      • I know. Me too. My father used to tap on my door when he saw light shining under it when I should be sleeping. Now, there’s no one to tell me I can’t stay up until 2:00 AM when I have to go to work the next day but me! 🙂

  7. Very nice! I am glad your day improved after seeing the flowers. 🙂 You my dear, are the kind neighborly type! Giving away things and crocheting booties and flowers and mailing them to people. Ahem. 🙂

    I like the dropping change idea. I always tell my kids to give away at least one smile a day! It can make a difference in someone’s day.

    • And smiles are free! Anyone can give one!
      I’m going to have to have another giveaway like that. I still have the great yarn I was given. It needs to be used and then given away.

  8. Last week I was out in the front yard sweating my way through digging up a series of small stumps to redo a section of the yard. My neighbor from down the street pulled into the driveway, hopped out and gave me a lovely basket with a fun, beachy new dishtowel and a ziplock bag full of chocolate chip cookies for my birthday. No one remembers my birthday! Some years my mom doesn’t even call. Two of my kids forgot. That made it all the sweeter that this woman took the time to come by and drop off a thoughtful gift. I need to pass the thoughtfulness on. If we all did that, what a great world it would be.

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