“A Giant System of Humanity”—My One-Year Blogoversary

birthday-candle1Three posts in three days. A new record for me. Don’t worry. This isn’t a new trend. Today is a special day—at least for me it is. Maybe it is for you too. Today is my one-year blogoversary. My, how time flies! I have my younger brother and a guy at church to thank for this blog’s existence. After all, they encouraged me to start blogging. But I have you, and other readers like you, to thank for this blog’s continuance.

There were many times when I was tempted to quit posting. But your comments and kindness kept me going.

I don’t have a big speech prepared. You wouldn’t want that if I did. Suffice it to say I’ve enjoyed my blogging experience. I’ve had great guests and met wonderful fellow bloggers. And I’ve stretched as a writer in a way I couldn’t have, had I not begun sharing my thoughts about videogames and writing in a public forum. So, a big thank you to all. (Maybe you’re not thanking me for that.)

398px-Wes_AndersonPerhaps you’re wondering what on earth the title of the post means. Well, at least the part before My One-Year Blogoversary. These words were spoken by Wes Anderson in an article in the latest Entertainment Weekly (the February 21 issue—1299, page 42) about The Grand Budapest Hotel, a film written and directed by Anderson. Here’s his quote:

I’ve always enjoyed hotel movies. It’s a big place where lots of different things are happening all at once, a giant system of humanity.

A giant system of humanity. That’s an apt metaphor for the blogging community. We’re all booked into “Hotel Internet,” and we help spur each other on. But it’s also a metaphor for the cast of characters in a novel, which was another reason why the quote resonated with me. It’s great to read about the interconnections in this giant system—how characters influence each other. But that’s what makes a novel a powerful adventure to take—for the reader and the author. The connections, the friction, and turmoil—the stuff of life, my friend.

Half the time, I miss that when I write. I forget about the discomfort inherent in being part of a giant system of humanity. I probably need to recall more often the days when I took public transportation in Chicago for school and work. Ah, those were the days: being flashed by guys wearing women’s underwear while I waited for the “L”; getting my pocket picked on the bus; being shoved aside by fellow commuters rushing to board a train; pushing to board an extremely crowded train while leaving a concert at Ravinia in Highland Park—that’s the giant system of humanity at work. But there are good aspects as well. Like the strangers I’ve met while traveling. For example, I’ve met more awesome Canadians in countries around the world than people of any other nation (excluding the people who live in the nations I’ve visited of course). Also I have friends who know just when to bring me chocolate.


A giant system of humanity. We sweat, we get our hands dirty, we argue, we hurt, we annoy—but we also love, are kind and gentle, patient and heroic. We share ourselves. That’s the system. That’s us.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and for inviting me to be part of your life. I hope you’re not sorry you did. 😀

Metaphorical cupcakes for everyone!


Cupcake images from goodonesaregone.com and commons.wikimedia.org. Wes Anderson photo from Wikipedia. Canadian flag from voic.ca.


36 thoughts on ““A Giant System of Humanity”—My One-Year Blogoversary

  1. Wow a year-that means my anniversary must be approaching too!
    A giant system of humanity sounds so appropriate, and I would have loved that journey you used to make in Chicago 🙂

  2. Happy blogoversary, and thank you for your amazing blog! Love that idea about the giant system of humanity–so true that writing is all about human connections and yet requires a lot of solitary time. You’ve done an awesome job of building a community with this blog!

      • Ha! I was trying to remember the same thing, Linda. I think it may have been Phillip’s blog. Speaking of, he didn’t do his weekly wrap-up last week…I hope he’s okay.
        I’m glad we connect too! 🙂

      • Yeah, I hope he’s okay too. I noticed that. He seemed pretty busy at work last week. And now that they’re expecting a little one, he’ll be even busier.

  3. FELICIDADES, Linda!! It will be a year for me in March. Crazy, huh? I so agree with you about this wonderful blogging community and am so glad I came across your blog! Here’s to MUCHOS MAS years of blogging!

  4. Congratulations on your first year, Linda! It feels like you’ve been at this so much longer, because your blog is so awesome! I have learned so much from you, and if you ever feel I’m copying you, that’s because you’re such an inspiration. As reflected in the theme of this post, you’ve taught me that being a blogger is being part of a community, and because of you, I’m working much harder to keep up my end.

  5. Congratulations, Linda! Great for you and great for us. I love this quote: “A giant system of humanity. We sweat, we get our hands dirty, we argue, we hurt, we annoy—but we also love, are kind and gentle, patient and heroic. We share ourselves. That’s the system. That’s us.”

  6. Yes, there’s nothing like riding the subway or waiting in line at the DMV or post office to trigger the kind of frustration that we can use as source material for our more darkly-themed work. Still, I only want that kind of source material in strictly controlled microdoses.

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