Sheep (and Turkeys and Deer) May Safely Graze

photo4If you’re a Bach fan, you recognize the title. In a minute, I’ll explain how turkeys and deer factor into my use of it. A warning: if your eyes glaze over at the thought of looking at the travel photos of others, you might run while you still can. I’ll totally understand!

Have you ever been in a place where you felt your soul open like a flower? That was Utah for me; a breath of fresh “Ahhhhh.” But the first moments of delight occurred before I arrived in Utah—when my plane flew over the Rockies. (Sorry. I didn’t take a picture of that.) Mountains are a wonderful sight and quite the novelty for me, since I live in flat, flat, flat Illinois where the only mountains are the occasional trash heap. But, it’s home. 🙂

I brought two stuffed sheep—gifts from friends over the years—along for the ride. They usually sit on one of my bookshelves. Like me, they needed a change.

photo10The sheep

And what a change. A cozy cabin shared with four good friends at the Sundance Ski Resort (near Provo), with Mount Timpanogos as a backdrop, was just what the doctor ordered. Maples, aspens, other deciduous trees, and various conifers lined the winding mountain roads. As I stood on one of the paths and gazed at the surrounding slopes dressed in a variety of vegetation, I felt enfolded by loving arms.

      photo1   Photo10020914

The view

photo8Every morning and afternoon while my friends and I sat at the dining table with cups of coffee or tea before us, a rafter of turkeys—five or six at a time, sometimes eight—would stroll by the front door on their way up the road. Occasionally deer would creep out of hiding and sample the vegetation near the door. Like the turkeys, they strolled the grounds seemingly without fear.

 photo12Since the trip was meant to be a writing retreat, writing was the order of the day. But an occasional break for a walk or a meal at a restaurant soothed the soul.

A tipsy guy on Main Street in Park City offered us this savvy dining tip: restaurants with downstairs seating have the best food. Unfortunately, he was a little vague on restaurant names and locations. We eventually found our way to Chimayo. (If you happen to go there, I recommend the sugarcane skewer of elk or the scallops.) On a different night, we tried the resort’s own restaurant (the Foundry Grill—I recommend the shrimp scampi).

   photo_02    2012-12-20

    The Foundry Grill and Chimayo

No Robert Redford sightings, however. (He’s the one who established the resort.) Still, I had a great time.

   photo25  photo23

Foundry Grill photo from the resort website. Chimayo photo ala Google.


23 thoughts on “Sheep (and Turkeys and Deer) May Safely Graze

  1. Looks a great place to experience Autumn, or Fall as you call it. I think Fall is better.
    Perhaps Tipsy Guy was just too far gone to climb stairs?
    Looks a great place.

    • It is quite lovely, Andy. If you ever get to the States, I highly recommend it. Quite breathtaking!
      Tipsy Guy was sitting outside a pub by himself. Perhaps that was as far as he could go.

  2. Linda, I am SO happy that you got away and that you got the change you needed. Pictures are breathtaking and the food sounds delish. It does sound exactly like what the doctor ordered. 🙂

    • It was. I was so blessed and couldn’t help cringing when I read your post about your husband’s travel travails. At least I can say that everything was open, rather than closed as your husband experienced.

  3. That looks lovely. I’m looking forward to my own recharge and reset in Cape May in a couple of weeks. Fall is the time when we take our last deep breaths and prepare to huddle in for the winter (speaking metaphorically of course, since I live in Southern California) and I’m preparing to huddle down into a new routine that includes lots of writing and less stress. Can’t wait to read more about your retreat!

  4. I can’t believe I missed this post when I was trapped in Stephen King land! Gorgeous pictures. Not gonna lie, I’m jealous that you got to see the Rockies. We have mountains here, but ours are so old that they’re really worn-down, massive hills (but they used to be huge! Really!). I love ’em, but I have to see the Rockies some day. And that resort,,, wow. I’m so glad you got to go on this trip, and thank you for sharing your pictures with us. 🙂

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