Out with the Old . . .


Today, I took inventory. I still have towels I “borrowed” from my parents ages ago. Still. Have. Their. Towels. I still have spoons I uh liberated from my undergrad dorm over a century ago. Still. Have. Their. Spoons. I still have some of the old dishes that a friend gave me when she bought herself another set of china. Still. Have. Her. Dishes (at least the ones I haven’t broken; some are chipped though).spoon-01

Still have some of my mom’s old clothes. Still have a friend’s mom’s old clothes. Still have my old broken VCR. You get the idea. I have a lot of old things.

After awhile, you grow used to the old stuff. Like furniture. You barely notice it’s there. (And yes, I have someone’s old couch.)

In my inventory, I realize I’ve been coasting on some old ideas about the blog and about writing in general. I look at my stories and see some of the same old phrases and techniques I’ve been using for years. And some of those techniques were inspired by those of other writers. It’s like borrowing spoons from school again. Also the blog, though I’ve only been at this since February, could stand some new ideas.

carb-compliant-plastic-fuel-can-2-1-2-gallon-gas-12quoth-x-10-3-4quotw-x-7-1-2quotd-073780For a while, I’ve been coasting on fumes. You know what happens when you coast too long on fumes. Eventually, your car just . . . stops. Time to refuel.

It’s time for me to rediscover the joy of writing. I hope a change of scenery will help. Thanks to the kindness of a friend, tomorrow I’m heading off to beautiful Sundance, Utah for some R & R & W—retreatin’ and rechargin’ and writin’. I’ll be there all week, soaking up that mountain air. Mmmm. Mountain air. My first vacation in a looooooonnnng time.

Hopefully, I’ll have scenery pix to show. And a new mindset. Oh yeah. Maybe when I get back, I’ll toss out that VCR.

How about you? Have you ever felt as if you were coasting on fumes and old ideas? What did you do to regain a fresh perspective?

Old man from all-free-download.com. Spoon from pachd.com. Gas can from awdirect.com.


27 thoughts on “Out with the Old . . .

  1. That is really close to how I have been feeling myself lately. I decided to embark on a journey of self discovery. Not that I don’t know myself, but… we forget to look at the ideas we have, to remember what we really know. In that vein I have been doing a bit of housekeeping myself… Out with the old…

    • Sandra, I can’t wait!!! I’m trying to get some stuff packed now. I especially need to clean out my purse and make sure I don’t have any pointy things or liquids over three ounces. I forgot last time and my lotion was confiscated!

  2. Have an amazing time on your vacation! I hope getting away helps you recharge and reset (if that’s what you need), and that we’ll see you back here soon!

    (PS- I totally get the “old stuff” thing. Our is mostly out of necessity, but yeah, lots of old stuff here– including a spoon my husband took from the house he lived at in university! Weird. 😉 )

    • Thanks, Kate. I was struck the other day by how much I have of other people’s belongings, but not many of my own. That translated to my writing. How much am I influenced by others writers (i.e., Tolkien, Robin McKinley)? How much of my style is uniquely my own? I will think about that as I dance among the daffodils this week (which are probably all gone now).

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