Diamonds Are Forever

Rough_diamondLately, I’ve been thinking a lot about . . . diamonds. No, I’m not engaged. Right now any sort of diamond seems about as reachable as those winking in the night sky.

Back in April I wrote a post about characters as diamonds—diamonds in the rough to be exact. Like Aladdin, the protagonist of one of my favorite Disney movies—Aladdin. But the formation of diamonds has my attention these days.

The other day, I watched a National Geographic video on YouTube where a scientist, Professor Stephen Haggerty, described how diamonds are formed. The narrator of the video—let’s just call him Narrator Guy—explained.

Down here [the mantle], intense pressure changes the molecular structure of carbon by crushing its atoms together and forcing them into a new lattice-like structure. Under extreme pressure and temperatures, carbon becomes diamonds.

How hot are those temperatures? 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. “The weight of 4000 grown men standing on your foot,” said Narrator Guy.

So, why I am so interested in diamond formation? Because I can relate. Pressure? Ha. I’m no stranger to it. Every time I see a bill I’m not sure I can pay (and lately, I’ve seen a bunch); every time I hear a “no” on the job front or elsewhere; every time someone asks me, “What are you going to do with that degree?”; every time I face an hurry-it-up deadline, every time I’m back to square one—that’s pressure. The weight of 4000 grown men? I feel it bone deep.

Intense pressure . . . crushing its atoms together. Change is inevitable. But what sort of change? Only God knows.

Maybe you’re feeling the crushing pressure too. Maybe you’re wondering if it will crush you utterly or shape you into something beautiful.

I’ll be interested to see what sort of “new lattice-like structure” develops. After all, diamonds are forever, right?

Rough diamond from Wikipedia.

34 thoughts on “Diamonds Are Forever

  1. I love the idea that high temperatures and intense pressure result in the world’s strongest material, which also happens to be beautiful. Intense heat and unimaginable pressure deep below us — sounds a lot like Hell, doesn’t it? And it reminds me of the old adage: That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. We rarely feel strong while we are being tested. But believe me, you are strong and beautiful.

  2. Everyday I wake up I wonder if that will be the one where the pressure finally crushes me to nothing. I’ve gotten pretty close a few times but so far I’ve survived. I guess that’s a good thing? even though I feel anything but strong right now.

  3. I can relate. Every time something happens and I get crushed by it, I think this will be the time I break. It always surprises me how much we actually can handle. I love how you compare this with diamonds, becoming more beautiful and stronger under pressure. I always think of it like a Phoenix. No matter how many times we get burned, we can always rise again.
    Lots of love and hugz ♥

    • I remember you had a poem about a phoenix at your blog, Patty. And I know you’ve gone through some hard times. So thank you for your support. I’ll stop by soon. Big hugs to you too.

  4. Nice analogy. Pressures in life can be so tough! We can all do without them. My brother’s philosophy is not to be tied down to anything (house, etc) so that you are not bogged down by the pressures of keeping what you have. Interesting view. Pressures come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately so I’m not sure how that works. Hope things ease up for you.

    • Thanks, Maria. Your brother’s philosophy is intriguing. I know people who don’t like owning things, or at least not an abundance of things. I keep breaking things, so perhaps I shouldn’t own things.

    • Well, I’ve had discussions about marriage and made plans. But those relationships ended before the aisle.
      I have a tiny diamond. I tried cutting things with it. See, this is why I should never own things. I get destructive with them.

  5. Here’s a hug for you: ((you))

    And yes, very relate-able. (I always thought that was a real word, but apparently it hasn’t made the dictionary yet.) Completely different situations going on between us, but pressure? Yeah.

  6. I always say no-one else can put pressure on us, we can only put pressure on ourselves.
    It is how we react to things. And the multi-faceted diamond-all those different sides to us. All those different sides of our personalities that make up our whole.
    Bit of Jackdaw philosophy for you 😉

  7. Did you know that, just like the diamond, we, humans, are carbon-based, too? The variance comes in the molecular structure, but we are made to be strong, too.

    I think you are a brave, beautiful person, Linda. Thanks for this post.

  8. Having two autistic children, a wife with major health problems, two schizophrenic siblings, four alcoholics, one drug addict and a partridge in a pear tree… I’d have to say my life is constantly under pressure… since the day I was born. But I can honestly say that’s what makes me and my work shine. Transformation is the key. Knowing we are diamonds, even in the rough, is not enough. We have to get to work. Cutting, grinding and polishing. But what your piece presents to us, is that we’re potentially all diamonds. With that, I’d thoroughly agree.

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