A Girl Named Cord by Briana Vedsted


A Girl Named Cord by Briana Vedsted, a fellow blogger and all-around nice person, is here! Like westerns? Then get yourself over to Amazon.com and pick up a copy in paperback or eBook.
Goodreads link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18269695-a-girl-named-cord
Book description:

Cord had to work hard to earn her living as a cow puncher, and she was getting along just fine until a wealthy rancher moves into the county and threatens the lives of her and her friends. Cord rises up to meet every challenge, but the death of friends, both old and new, plague her at every turn. And just when everything seems like it is going to go back to being peacefully normal, a secret comes to light, putting Cord and her future family in danger. Will Cord let go of her sorrow filled past and revengeful wishes long enough to save her loved ones and pull her life back out of the bottomless pit it seems to be stuck in?
“But let me tell you this: peace in the heart is much more comforting than blood in the sand.”

Cover art by: Dirk Porsche at http://shiggyenterprises.wordpress.com/
Find out more about Briana on her blog: http://whenibecameanauthor.wordpress.com/
And check out Briana’s other books, also available from Amazon. To purchase or find out more information, click on each book cover:

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