Spread a Little Sunshine


Quick post to acknowledge the gracious nomination for the Sunshine Award by Patty at Petite Magique. Patty is a wonderful, multitalented artist. Stop by her blog and say hello and then ooo and ahh over her poetry, photos, etc. Since I would probably nominate some of the same blogs I nominated for Liebster, I’ll just say thanks for the nomination (which will remain a nomination since I haven’t nominated anyone else), but still share 10 things about myself as per the rules.

1. I LOVE to encourage people in any way I can. (Um, but this does not mean encouraging someone to go into a life of crime or quit school. Stay in school, kids!)
2. I have partial hearing loss in my right ear (since I was a child). But please don’t shout at me if you see me. I can hear you. Please note the word partial. 🙂
3. I like rollerblading, but I don’t do it enough.
4. When I was an undergrad, a friend told me, “Why don’t you major in something useful like biology?” (I majored in writing through the English department.)
5. I love discussing books with kids and teens.
6. I’m still grieving the loss of my betta fish, Sparkly Rose, that my well-meaning neighbors overfed. 😦 (By the way, a class of first and second graders chose the name Sparkly Rose. Isn’t that sweet???)
7. I would love to write a graphic novel.
8. I attended a grad school with some of the most talented people in the world. You’ll hear from one tomorrow about her new book (coming soon to a bookstore near you). Stay tuned. Same Bat time; same Bat channel.
9. I still wonder how my life would have changed had my sister lived. (She was stillborn the year before I was born.)
10. I have a wonderful supportive family (which includes the best in-laws a person can have).

Thanks again, Patty!

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